Chinese Medicine organ functions
Chinese Medicine organ functions

Chinese Medicine organ functions

Explains the organ functions and terminology in terms Western readers can understand

by Fletcher Kovich



Chinese acupuncture is usually described using ancient poetic concepts that cannot be directly translated into today’s medical terms, which poses a considerable problem for anyone trying to understand how acupuncture works and what it’s capable of.

To overcome this, this book uses a new approach, which is able to explain the Chinese medicine organ functions in contemporary terms, demonstrating the parallels with the organs known today. And the usual Chinese medicine terminology is also converted into contemporary terms, demystifying many of the ancient concepts.

Other key elements of Chinese medicine knowledge are also similarly explained, such as how our thought patterns can interfere with our organ functions to produce ill health. For example, the book describes how our thoughts interact with our pancreas to produce IBS, and interact with our liver to produce the many physical conditions related to stress. And the conditions produced by our other organs are also clearly explained, together with their causes—whether physical, mental or emotional. And with all conditions, a straightforward description is provided of how Chinese acupuncture works to successfully treat them.

Fletcher Kovich runs his own Chinese acupuncture practice in the UK.


Alternative purchase options

The Expanded edition of this book includes all the above content, plus sections on

  • detailed case histories, which are referred to throughout the organ chapters;
  • aspects of pulse diagnosis;
  • a summary of tongue diagnosis; and
  • the daily cycle of organ activity.


And the author’s more substantial book, Secrets of the Hidden Vessels, includes all the content from both the above editions, plus sections on

  • why the meridians and acupoints are located where they are;
  • the scientific investigation of the meridians;
  • the acupuncture treatment of viral and bacterial infections;
  • the anatomical mechanism that makes pulse diagnosis possible;
  • how organ information is transmitted between people;
  • how our abdominal organs are able to influence our thoughts;
  • research issues related to acupuncture;
  • an analysis of the main contemporary hypotheses on how acupuncture works, and the introduction of a new hypothesis.

Please see the contents section of each book (included in the following downloads) for full details of the topics covered.


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Secrets of the Hidden Vessels

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