Shorter works

Briefly I sang

He has left me
and I’m all alone
and there is no-one I can tell.

He was a secret love
So this pain must be secret
I want to yell this wound from my heart
Scream my soul better
But no-one can hear
I’m a silent movie
Trapped in here with my grief.

Beware of glad eyes
Of a soul beckoning through wide-open doors
Come on in here
Join me in paradise
At last we can both be one
Be alive
For once, we can be alive.

Beware of entering there

But how can I resist

I am now only back where I came from
Only now I am not so alone
Now I have this wound for company
Together we can bare to live another day
Somehow this hurt is my friend
It makes me feel alive
At last it seems the void is filled

I thought I wanted love
But you corrected my foolishness
I looked into your eyes
And you filled my void with pain

2 March 2007