Shorter works

Don’t hesitate

I noticed his left bicycle clip first
he sang to me but I ignored that
he sang while ravens washed their feet
and over my head the wind snowed

Blacker than a child’s hesitant smirk
and sallying toward an uneven road
the birch and the larch and the ruinous oak
stole my moments in hesitant glee

I watched as a mountain wrangled its tongue
a hesitant rock unmoved but aloud
it remonstrated with my child’s favourite toy
and I rolled in tar which stank of smug

Over unhesitant cooling spittle ripe
the unsettled ants deserving and proud
wiped the faces of furtive kleptomaniacs
ever deserving of their moment at the grinder

Lives spent in chivalrous certainty
will never be recycled—that’s what I say
so I handed back his bicycle clip
realizing that he would need it some day.

[written in collaboration with James Godden]