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Acupuncture Today and in Ancient China

A new book by Fletcher Kovich


Acupuncture Today and in Ancient ChinaAcupuncture Today and in Ancient China is an updated and expanded edition of the author’s previous book: Secrets of the Hidden Vessels. The new book contains the following new material.

Chapter 2 describes a new insight into the Nei Jing notion of a “meridian”, which differs from today’s notion and clarifies many otherwise misleading Nei Jing passages. At that time, a meridian was considered to be an artery-like tube (p.29). All the organ chapters are also updated to take account of this new information, particularly Chapter 9 (p.183), the heart-related chapter.

Chapter 3 (p.49) is a new chapter that describes the differing notions of chi throughout the history of Chinese medicine, including the 1970’s reinterpretation of chi. It also summarizes the new “intelligent tissue” model of how acupuncture works, and describes how this explains all acupuncture-related phenomena, including all those related to chi, needle sensation, etc. And finally, it suggests an approach that can enable current practitioners (who usually subscribe to the 1970’s notion of chi) to accept the intelligent tissue explanation for all chi-related sensations.

Chapter 17 summarizes the latest published studies that validate the intelligent tissue model of how acupuncture works (pp.323-333).

And other small changes have been made throughout the book to ensure all passages are consistent with the new material.

Full details are available here, which includes links to free sample downloads.

10 June 2019