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A walk in the park, Spring 2010

Today it was 17 Celsius and there was a clear blue sky most of the day. It hasn't felt this warm since the end of last Summer, and after our exceptionally long and cold, and snow and ice-bound Winter, today felt like the recall of a forgotten but cherished memory.


The daffodils have been out for a few weeks, but as yet, most of the trees are still keeping their new leaves to themselves, perhaps shocked into this reticence by the particularly severe Winter that we experienced this year.



At this point in my walk, I started to notice the spectacular shadows. This one reminded me of two upstreatched witch's hands, perhaps reaching up from the Earth and grasping for something, grasping for life, for air, for nature to finally wake up from its too-long sleep.



This shadow I also found striking. A photo does not really capture the effect that it had; it was sprawled across the concrete like a living thing, expansive, majestic. Perhaps the trees were displaying their shadows in place of the canopies of leaves that they dared not yet unfurl.



Again, the expansiveness of this shadow cannot be truly captured in a photo. It seemed as real as the canopy above the tree would have seemed, had it existed, only there is a ghostly quality about a shadow such as this one.




8 April 2010



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