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All Filipinos are thieves–apparently

I have been known to make the comment in this blog that all Chinese people being liars. I’m not entirely serious about that; of course it is a generalization.

The other day a Thai friend of mine, Nat, who is very well educated, told me, in all seriousness: “All Filipinos are thieves.” I laughed at him and when he saw this, he said “They are; I’ve met quite a few and every one I’ve met…” and he related some of his experiences. He then told me: “Never turn you back on a Filipino.” I laughed again.

Of course his comments are simply funny, and what makes them even more funny is that he was totally serious about them.

The Filipinos that I’ve met have usually been scrupulously honest, even when their honesty is detrimental to their own interests. This firsthand knowledge that I have of Filipinos makes Nat’s comment even more funny, that he could be so serious about such a ludicrous notion.

Doubtless some people would say the same about my proclamation that all Chinese people are liars. And would find that just as funny.


1 September 2008



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