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An unexpected twinkle

I don’t know quite how the conversation ventured that way, but earlier this evening I was talking to my mother (who is almost eighty) and she started telling me about all the local men who had been recently pursuing her, and conquests she could have had if she had been interested. I must say that I had seldom (in my whole life) seen such a twinkle in her eye.

She said that a widower of six months who lived across the street from her would keep an eye out for her and when she walked to the nearby bus stop, he would then dash out to join her. At one point he came up close to her and said, “Shall we get together?”

I guess that at that age people have nothing to lose, so you might as well come right out and say it. She said that she was disgusted because his wife had only died six months earlier. She then went on to tell me about another aged neighbour who had similarly pursued her, and she said, “There’s loads of men round here I could have had if I’d wanted to,” nonchalantly waving her arm to indicate the geographical extent of her fan base.

I think we had been talking about her not seeing anyone, for company, and I had suggested that she tried out some of the local community groups for pensioners. She said, “Old people get on my nerves. I only get on with young people.”

I only hope that there’s not some young lad who happens to be stood next to her one day at the bus stop and begins making conversation, just to pass the time, or be sociable. After seeing the sparkle in her eye today, there are no limits in my astonished imagination to just where that encounter might end up.


28 March 2010



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