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A new meaning to the term: ‘The price to pay’

One of my online friends whom I frequently chat to is a lovely Chinese guy called Chin (who, despite my own previous outrageous stereotyping of Chinese people, is not a liar). He has many colourful stories to tell. The other day, he told me that he has a Thai friend whose younger brother is sixteen. This sixteen year old Thai boy met a Westerner of around sixty years of age while the Westerner was holidaying in Thailand. The Westerner bought a house there so that this sixteen year old Thai boy could move in with him and live with him as his lover. When the Thai boy told his mother that he was going to live with this sixty year old Westerner as his boyfriend, the only thing his mother said, apparently, was: “Make sure you ask him for lots of money.”

Every time I think of this, I can’t stop laughing.

Different parts of the world definitely seem to have different morals. I can’t ever remember my own mother giving me such advice.

I find this so funny that I think the boy and his family might just appear in one of my short stories. Hmmm, yes, I like the idea of that. There, it’s official. It is now on my writing agenda…


13 October 2008



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