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A sought-after talent

One image stuck in my mind from my dreams last night. It was about my neice, I think, when she was about five, or so. She kept disappearing into the bathroom, following a stream of boys. It must have been at some sort of kids’ party, perhaps. I followed her in and watched her performance. Apparently, she had learnt to pee standing up. She would take a boy, stand him in front of the bath, with his back to her, pull down his shorts to expose his bum, and then she would urinate over his bum while standing about a foot behind him. And this ‘treat’ was apparently in great demand, because the boys were lining up take part.

I’ve no idea what inspired this dream. But I think I am starting to notice a pattern. I seem to get these strange, vivid dreams after an acupuncture sessions. Perhaps it is expressing something about the patient’s concerns which I have picked up on.

This dream reminds me of the joke about the girl who went home to her mother and showed her a handful of money. The mother said, ‘Where did you get all that from?’ The girl said, ‘All the boys in the village are paying me to climb a tree while they stand below and watch.’ Her mother said, ‘You silly girl, they are looking at your knickers.’ The girl said, ‘No, I’ve thought of that, so I took them off.’


22 May 2008



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