The CuriousPages Sketchbook

Cloud formations, crop circles and bird drawings

The short “hop” from Amsterdam to Bristol seemed to take about fifty minutes and I was mesmerized. For the first time, I had a window seat and it was mid-morning, so the spectacle below could not have been more clear.

First I was mesmerized by the cloud formations (which I enjoyed between mouthfuls of my delicious ham rolls and Danish pastries which I’d purloined form the Holiday Inn):




And then through the clouds, a snow-covered England started to appear:







When looking back at the above photo, which was taken on the flight path descending into Bristol airport, I noticed that someone had done a variation on crop circles, and they seemed to have drawn a big image of a bird, for the enjoyment of aircraft passengers as their plane made the final approach into Bristol airport:


Or am I mistaken; could it be possible that some perfectly innocent manoeuvres in the snow could have accidentally produced this “bird” image?


7 January 2010



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