The CuriousPages Sketchbook

CuriousPages is born

My writing site was previously on my domain. I decided that I wanted to rebrand the site, since nobody (yet) knows my name, so my name was not much of a brand, and it’s not easy to spell and it’s a bit long. I wanted a shorter name that was appropriate and ’snappy’, memorable. And it had to describe the site and its content.

So I started trying to think of an appropriate name. But each name I thought of one, when I tested it, I found that it had already been taken. It seemed that all the common words that might be useble had already been taken. So then I started combining words, and I came up with many suitable candidates, but they were all also taken. The .com versions were gone, but a lot of them were still available in the form. But I wanted both forms for my site’s name. I needed the .com name since that is what most people automatically think of as a domain suffix, so it is more memorable, more of a universal brand suffix.

And my gripe is this. Obviously some people out there have registered the .com of just about every useful word in the dictionary, and all the common phrases (such as, which would have been the perfect choice for my site), and they have not used the domains. They are just sitting on them, on the off chance that they might be able to sell them for a big profit at some point. So all these domain names are out of use. Nobody can now use them. This makes the job of finding a new domain name extremely difficult. Perhaps, one day, the purchase of domain names will be regulated, so that only people who intend to use them will be able to purchase them.

Anyway, after about two days of seaching and thinking, I decided that curiousPages would be appropriate, and when I typed it in, I was told that it was still available. I thought I had made a mistake somewhere. But after I’d checked it several times, it really did seem to be still available. The only explanation, I think, is that CuriousPages had my name written on it. So I grabbed it, before another of those internet vandals had realized their mistake and exchanged their filthy cash for my lovely name.

Ahhhh. At last I have you. It feels like lovers reunited, or lovers first meeting, CuriousPages and me.


25 April 2008



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