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Farewell letter to mum

On the day of your funeral


Dear mum

I will always treasure our last six months together; the months before you became ill, and the months afterwards.

We became closer and closer, as we had been doing over the previous few years, as though we were both now getting too old to focus on anything but the positive things between us. And in the last few months you became unusually emotional, which was a revelation.

I will always remember seeing the tears roll down your face as you listened to Pavarotti singing Nessum Dorma, and as you cried, you kept saying, “It’s so beautiful; it’s so beautiful.”

In those last few months you were more emotional than I’d ever seen you before. Perhaps you were saddened by the thought of how few days you had left, or perhaps you were just making up for lost time.

In those last few months, we also seemed to laugh endlessly, you often taking forever to finish a single cup of tea, lest it be sprayed over your living room carpet.

This closeness and joy continued right up to your final weeks.

Anyway, thanks for the lovely memories of those last six months.

Your loving son, Fletcher












27 January 2011



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