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Flying through the air

I have many recollections of doing this sort of thing:

I would be outdoors walking somewhere and I would decide to levitate, for whatever reason. I would adopt a particular frame of mind and I would then start to float, and then I would propel myself along as I wished. I would float, sometimes a few feet off the ground and sometimes many yards. I have many clear recollections of doing this; I can recall the sensation of the gravity beneath me, and the feeling of disregarding it. I could not always manage this task. I would sometimes not be able to escape from the ground, and at other times I would feel the earth dragging me down as I was flying along and I would remain only a few feet off the ground and would sometimes be pulled down till I could feel the ground passing by me only and inch or so below.

I have many vivid recollections of doing this.

And then last week, something rather interesting happened. I was sitting on my sofa in my living room, and I thought to myself something along the lines of: “Shall I have a go at levitating” And then, after a brief moment, I realized that all these recollections were dreams. I had been having these dreams for years, and this was the first time that I had realized that they were dreams.

How disappointing.


22 January 2009



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