The CuriousPages Sketchbook

Her cat was eating her arm

I saw a woman sitting on her sofa. I watched with a quiet horror as the cat that was sitting on her lap was clearly eating her arm. The cat ate greedily, and apparently with great satisfaction. And then the cat’s tail, which was long and bushy, started to tickle the woman’s nose. At this point, she looked at me and said,

“Oh, it tickles; it tickles. Get it off me.”

Apparently, she did not mind that her cat was eating her own arm. This was acceptable. But as soon as the cat’s tail started to tickle her nose, this she could not tolerate.

Perhaps this dream was commenting, in some way, on the attitude of English pet owners towards their pets.

This reminds me of the time when I was at the cinema, watching the Will Smith film “I am Legend.” The film contained many gruesome scenes of human’s being attacked and eaten by other mutated humans. This, the whole audience sat through contentedly while munching on their popcorn. And then there came a scene where Will Smith’s dog was attacked by a mutant dog, and it seemed that the whole audience sighed, “Ah!”

Apparently it was okay to eat humans—no problem. But as soon as a dog was injured in some way, this was an outrage to their humanity.


7 March 2008



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