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The “hide” of a human arm

I have a “wind chill” lodged in the left side of my back at the moment, which means I get sudden shooting pains when I move in a particular way. Last night I had broken sleep because of this. I woke at one point and needed to pee, but I couldn’t get up out of bed; I tried rolling over in different directions, but each time I attempted to lift myself up, the shooting pains sprinted across my back and I called out, “Ow!” Don’t know what my neighbours thought I was doing it. Anyway, after a while, I managed to master the technique of getting out of bed with my current “impediment”.

All this, and also the nature of “wind” when it is lodged inside you (which, I think, must agitate the mind), meant that I had a troubled night with many odd dreams. In one dream, a patient of mind came to my flat to hold a business meeting with his colleague, and there was some sort of building work going on in my flat, which he apologized to his colleague about on their way in. They pushed their way passed the obstacles and sat at a desk in my living room. On his way out, “L”, the patient, walked into my kitchen and started examining a tray on the counter, like a tray of archaeologist’s finds. One of the items in the tray was a human hand, with skin intact; and also the skin of the entire arm was also intact, still attached at the wrist. But the arm had been slit down its length, so that the skin could be opened out like an animal’s hide, with the hand attached, as the head of an animal is sometimes left attached to its hide.

L was closely examining the skin of the arm, which still had the person’s hair clearly visible. He was running his fingers up and down the skin and feeling it’s texture between his finger and thumb. I said to him, “What does it feel like?” I wanted to know this, but I did not feel that I could touch the skin myself.

As he was then leaving, I said to him, “Oh, I have you booked in for an appointment tomorrow; do you still need the appointment?” As I looked at him, he looked quite ill, and he said that he would be too ill to keep the appointment.

This part of my dream was referring to real life, since today, I do have an appointment with L. Two weeks ago, after his last appointment, he had had a strong reaction to the treatment, and all his symptoms got worse the following day (which does sometimes happen). We spoke about this on the phone at the time, and yesterday, during the day, I was wondering whether he would want to keep the appointment that we had booked today. I suspected that he would cancel it, but this morning, I sent him a text message reminder about his treatment, as I usually do, and he replied, saying that he was too ill and would have to cancel the appointment—just as he had said in my dream last night.

On some level, I believe that there are connections between all people (like a sort of subtle telepathy, which many people refer to as “synchronicity”), but when we are dreaming, I think that our sleeping mind can perhaps more readily access those connections.


24 February 2010



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