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Maggot ridden vegetables

Last night I had one of those ‘narative’ dreams. It was a combination of apparently unrelated scenes, some weird, like an imaginative movie.

In one scene, my mother could take no more of my sister’s cooking. We seemed to have been staying together in a camping-like scenario, but in stone buildings, or perhaps buildings that were a cross between a caravan and a stone building. My mother approached my sister, who was stood outside her caravan/building with her right leg up in the air, secured by a chord (which she explained was some sort of exercise), and my mother told her, vehmently, that she’d had enough of her maggot food. My sister had been serving vegetables that were ridden with maggots. Mother could take no more; she complained and stormed off. Then my sister was saying, while standing there with her right leg held in the air by a chord and continuing to do this weird exercise, she was saying that her food was perfectly ok, and that mother was a… And here, she could not seem to find the appropriate words and could only shake her head as if trying to dislodge the disagreeable thought from her mind.

Some other scenes from the dream, I can only vaguely remember, too vaguely to be able to describe them.


30 March 2008



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