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Nothing is wasted in the Philippines

Last night Rhyan was showing me some Facebook pictures of a group of his friends. He told me he has a few transvestite friends and that they used resourceful techniques to imitate female breasts. One, “Diane”, would usually place bread rolls down the front of his dress, and another, Marvin, would usually fill two condoms with water and place those down his dress; one advantage of this method, he told me, was that the boobs would bounce as Marvin walked.

While out with Diane dancing, he said that Diane would sometimes say “I’m hungry” and reach into his dress, pull out one of the bread rolls and eat it, and would then continue his evening with a single breast, until he became hungry again. Or if he was dancing with a man, Diane would sometimes ask “Are you hungry?” and if the man said yes, Marvin would reach down into his dress, pull out one of the bread rolls and hand it over.

Similarly, if Marvin felt thirsty while out at night, he would take one of the water-filled-condoms from his dress and drink the water. And another use this one particular method has is hygiene related, apparently. When Marvin pulls a man, after they’ve had sex, Marvin would use the water from his condom-breasts to wash himself after.
“They are crazy,” Rhyan told me, cheerfully.

And this morning, I recalled this story while eating my breakfast and almost choked on my porridge. Nothing, indeed, is wasted in the Philippines.


25 August 2010



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