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Ode on not having a TV

Today, there is a gaping space in my living room where my TV used to be. For anyone who is familiar with this blog, I should point out that I did not saw up my TV.

I haven’t been without a TV for about 22 years, when I bought my first set. It’s rather like having a person who stands in the corner of your living room, endlessly talking. Sometimes they might say something of interest and your ears prick up. But most of the time, they are just a background presence. You are used to ignorning them. But when you come in at the end of the day and slump into the sofa, you take their presence for granted. They greet you, keep you company, and might even enquire as to how your day went (if you’re the sort of person who is prone to making imaginary friends, that is). But you can choose to ignore them and even switch them off if you choose.

But then, one day, you come home and there is only silence in the living room. It is very much like the absence of a person who has always been there for you, for over twenty years. But then suddenly, they are gone.

Your instinct might be to wonder what you’ve done to deserve this, to be deserted, and left without so much as a note.

Indeed it is strange. It is rather like not having a sofa in your living room (I seem to recall). Or like the feeling when your child first leaves the home to go to university, I would imagine.

….[update] This entry stopped here. Because as I was writing it, I was messaged by my friend Joe, and we chatted for a couple of hours. I might add that Joe is not imaginary. Unless my mind has invented him; in which case how would I know? [On this subject, do have a look at: Thinking inside the box.]

It is now the following morning. Today, my new TV is due to arrive. Hmmm. It’s rather like waiting at the train station for a friend to arrive.


9 July 2008


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