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Rats feeding from trays of meat

Last night I seemed to have a few of those ‘narrative’ dreams. There were lots of snippets of scenes and maybe they were all connected in one long story, but it didn’t seem to have a well-designed plot to it. Maybe my dream was composed by a novice writer.

I remember walking along the pavement outside a restaurant, which seemed to be a french restaurant that I worked in for two years in my mid twenties. One of the owners used to work behind the bar in the main restaurant floor, and he would urinate in the sink behind the bar whilst diners were sat yards away from him eating.

In my dream, there was a big clan of fat rats scurrying around on the pavement outside. I noticed a tray of meat that had been placed out for them, and one of them was eating from this, like a dog eating from its food bowel. The meat was in the form of minced beef, cooked. But the rats obviously had a bland palate because there was no sauce on the meat. As I saw the rat eating this, I wondered whether the meat had been laced with poison. I then walked into the restaurant.

In another scene, I was standing in a queue, waiting to get into a club of some sort, and someone pointed at my coat and asked what sort it was. I told him that I get most of my clothes from Salisbury’s. Several other people in the queue then pipped up and also admitted that they buy their clothes from Salisbury’s. We discussed the quality.

There were several scenes inside, presumably, this same club. It was a labyrinth of rooms, some of which could only be reached by climbing up unusual shaped ladders, which did not seem all that safe.


19 April 2008



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