The CuriousPages Sketchbook

Running out of petrol and hair loss

Last night, during the broken sleep of my illness, I had two dreams–that I can remember.

I dreamt that my car ran out of petrol. I noticed it was low, then later I came to a halt, on a hill, and it wouldn’t start. I realized that I must have run out of petrol. At the summit of the hill I could see a sign pointing towards a nearby petrol station. It ran through my mind: do I push the car up the hill to the petrol station, or walk and attempt to get some sort of container. I have never in my life run out of petrol.

The other dream was that I was washing my hair, and when I drained the water from the sink, I pulled out handfuls of hair, that just seemed to keep coming. I kept pulling it out and then another handful came, and then another. I recalled this one this morning as I was washing my hair. Hmmm. As I was lying in bed, I decided to wash my hair. I wonder if that was inspired by my subconscious recollection of this dream.

Perhaps both these dreams were inspired by my depleted state?


24 March 2008



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