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Samuel Pam’s Salvation–further episodes?

I had been toying with the idea of writing a new novel but in the form of a series of short stories. Each story would be complete in itself but they could also be read as a series which would make up a complete novel, with each new short story adding depth to the previous stories.

I had started to plan this project with a different story, a murder mystery type story. The Samuel Pam story was originally intended as a one off short story. But while writing it, I became interested in the Andrea Segovia character and I realized that I would probably write about her history as the second story in this series. Las night I sketched out her story, which I’m quite pleased with, and I’m now writing this up.

While writing the Andrea story, it occurred to me that perhaps her initial boyfriend’s story would be the next story. She came to this country as an Internet bride, but that didn’t work out.

And then I have had various thoughts about writing a story featuring Samuel’s earlier history (though I’m not strongly attracted to this, since a large part of his history in the first story is merely a metaphorical device, so it might be hard to maintain the reader’s interest in any further stories building on that metaphor, or perhaps I’m wrong.

Then there is what now happens to Samuel and Andrea, at the end of the first story, which I do find myself interested in, particularly now that I know Andrea’s history.

There are also other people that Andrea has encountered in her first story, who might start demanding of me that I tell their story, people who live very near to Samuel, so their stories could add further depth to the initial Samuel story.


See: Andrea Segovia loses control.


8 April 2008



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