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Seeing a ghost

In one of my dreams last night, I saw a ghost. I had never before seen a ghost in a dream. I was decorating a house that I had just moved in to. I walked into the attic room, which I had finished decorating and furnishing, and I noticed some of those novelty toy animals that fit onto your keyring. They were lying on a windowsill. I hadn’t seen them before. I walked over to them, picked them up to look at then, and as i turned round, I saw the ghost of a woman crossing the room to me. I realized that she was a ghost and as she approached, I tried to see the back of her neck to see it I could see the hatchet in her back that had killed her. Then she fell onto me, and I felt myself scream. She was then gone. At that point I woke up, feeling somewhat alarmed. As I was waking, I could hear my voice trying to scream. I think I made some noise, but my vocal chords seemed to be paralized, so it was more like a moan.

The evening before, I had been in clinic. I had two patients booked in, but one didn’t show up and was not answering his phone. I seem to get these strange dreams after clinic. Perhaps they are connected with something that I pick up from the patients. I did wonder if this dream was connected with the man who did not turn up. Though, I hope, of course, that he didn’t turn up because he had been killed. We shall see.

Thinking about this since, this seemed to be what happened. This patient had called the day before, claiming he would not be able to make the appointment that evening because ‘things were going mental at work’. But he had got the day wrong. The appointment was on the following day. After realizing this, he said he would see me the following evening. The following evening, he didn’t show up and had switched his phone off so that I couldn’t contact him. It seems probable that he had decided not to continue with treatment, but was not going to tell me this. The previous day, he had made up the lie about his work in order to get out of the appointment, saying he would pay for it. Perhaps he was hoping that I would tell him that I would cancel his future appointments? Who knows. But anyway, it seems that his lie had backfired, since the appointment was the following evening, and then he could not really then adjust his lie to say that he wouldn’t be turning up the following evening, ‘because of work’, so he just lied that he would attend the appointment, but with no intention of attending. And he switched his phone off, so that I couldn’t contact him, because he would then have to explain himself, and he didn’t feel able to? This all seems possible, though, of course, I’ve been left to guess about it and work it all out for myself, so there could be some other explanation.

I’ve decided to pursue this person, and force him to pay for his missed appointment. This is only the second time that I’ve ever done this. But I find this type of conduct so unacceptable that I will make the effort to extract the money from him. The previous time I did this, the patient’s conduct was even worse than this. She pissed me off so much that I pursued her for the fees for two sessions that she had cancelled with around two hours notice.

Anyway, my dream. The patient worked in construction, so this was the connection with the dream. The dream concerned construction work in people’s homes. And I was waiting for him to turn up but he had decided not to, so it was only his ghost that I was waiting for; he had turned himself into a phantom patient. This was the meaning of my dream. 


29 May 2008



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