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Seeing without glasses

I heard about the Bates method, a series of exercises that you can do to retrain your eyes, so that you don’t need to wear glasses again. I bought a book and I’ve almost finished reading it. I’ve started exploring the various exercises. I’ve been wearing glasses full-time for about twenty years and I’m now too short sighted to be able to see much without them, but I’m fully expecting to have perfect vision without glasses. This process will happen gradually and it may take up to about two years for me to have perfect vision permanently. Sound impossible? Not to me. It all makes sense.

It is opticians who train us to be short sighted. The scenario is much the same as the one with biomedicine. There is a slight problem; in their ignorance they administer a remedy to you that ‘corrects’ the problem, but in the long run they just end up making your long term health worse, due to their ignorance.

Most people, including myself, start with a very slight eyesight problem. Bate’s supposition about what causes this, is that it was due to some emotional trauma. This makes sense to me.

I would go further, and say that it is due to the trauma of feeling that you do not understand something. The body’s emotional response to this is to try to look harder with the eyes. This strain causes the original problem. Most people first develop slight shortsightedness when they are studying something, it occurs to me, which fits my scenario.

From the holistic perspective, there is a further matter to consider. If the above process, is what is happening, then a further problem is being caused by the dimwitted optitians’ prescription of glasses. Processes in the body usually work in a reciprocal fashion. That is, if emotional strain caused short sightedness, then by ‘correcting’ this problem with artificial lenses, this ‘fixes’ the problem within your body, and prevents you from releasing that emotional strain, that deep-seated feeling of not understanding something. So, by not wearing glasses anymore, and using the Bates exercises to correct the original problem, this will eventually release any negative emotions that are related to the process of studying, or the process of not understanding something in life and so trying to look harder to understand it.

This is something that occurs to me, anyway. So, I will be monitoring all this with great interest over the coming months.


12 April 2008



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