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Is this telepathy again?

Last night I woke in the early hours, thinking my mother was nearby and needing attention. At first I thought she was beside me in bed but when I checked, it was Rhyan. I was so convinced she was physically near that I had to get up and check in my living room to make sure she was not there. I think I imagined her bed had been installed there. Of course she was not and I realized she was in a nursing home in Weston-super-Mare (about twenty miles away).

Rhyan and myself had been living with her in her house for the previous two weeks. She would frequently call out to me during the night because she needed a drink, or needed to be taken to the toilet. Then two days ago she moved into a nursing home and we both moved back to my flat. On our first night back home, I woke in the early hours. It seemed to be she was lying in bed beside me and I wondered what she was doing there. Then I realized, with some relief, that the body lying next to mine was Rhyan’s. Then (as with last night), I got up and checked the living room next door to see if mother was there. The sense of her physical presence was so strong that (no matter how unlikely it seemed) I had to physically go and check to satisfy myself that she was not there, needing attention. At mother’s house, her bedroom was right next door to ours, which is perhaps why I had the strong feeling that she may have been lying in the room next to my bedroom in my own flat.

The following day when we visited her in the nursing home, she told me she was calling out for me in the night but I couldn’t hear her. She was calling at the top of her voice, she said; and was obviously in a distressed state. Of course, I did hear her but her call to me was transmitted telepathically. At the end of the visit, I told her we were going back to Bristol and she said:

“That’s no good to me. How will you hear me when I call for you.”

That night (which was last night), she must have been calling out my name again, since I again woke feeling certain she was nearby and needing attention.

Both times, the sense that someone was nearby was as strong as when someone taps you on the arm, but at the same time, the particular sense was not like any of the other five senses. This same experience I have now had somewhere between five to ten times in my life and once you have experienced this, you realize that telepathy exists and that you have unmistakably experienced it. What the explanation for the mechanism behind it is, can only be speculated on. And so unusual and inexplicable this phenomenon is that people who have not experienced it firsthand will mostly dismiss with some glib, inadequate explanation. They have no choice but to do that since they have not experienced the evidence themselves, and probably never will.


19 December 2010



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