The CuriousPages Sketchbook

The gorilla and the ferret

I had lots of strange dreams last night. One that I clearly remembered when I woke up took place around a river. I wanted to walk along the side of the river, to get round a road block of some sort on the road above the river. I knew a path that led from the road and down to the river side. I walked down this path and found a man blocking the way, preventing people from walking the path. He said that his wife was trapped further along the river. She had a ferret in her dress and a gorilla was trying to get the ferret. I asked if he’d phoned for help and he said he had. There was a a crowd of other onlookers. Along the river, about fifty yards from where we were, I could see his wife on the opposite bank and I could see the ferret running all over her, and a gorilla was stood over her trying to catch the ferret. He managed to catch it, and the man’s wife started sprinting towards us. She reached the bank opposite us and she was so keen to get away that she tried to wade across the river to us, rather than taking the bridge, and another man who was stood on that bank was trying to stop her from wading into the river.

What this all means is any-one’s guess.


18 July 2008



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