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The gravity of aubergines

The other day, I was talking to a patient and I happened to mention my observations on the gravity of aubergines. He slowly raised his eyebrow.

For some reason, many years ago, I was standing in a vegetable shop and I happened to pick up two aubergines, one in each hand. I must have been trying to decide which one to buy. I noticed that if you hold them before you and slowly decrease the distance between them, when they become a few inches apart, they start to attract each other. There is an unmistakable pull between them.

I’ve taken this phenomenon for granted for many years now, though, of course, I understand that most people would not frequently find themselves in a position when they might notice it.

When I mentioned it to my patient, he said “It can’t be gravity” (he works in the sciences), and he suggested doing a scientific study of the phenomenon, perhaps suspending the aubergines on a string, attached to some metal apparatus and slowly decreasing the distance between them. He wanted to rule out the possibility that the pull was due to some interaction between the aubergine and our body, in the same way that dowsing sticks work.

This made me think. Yes, aubergines are very absorbent, sponge like, and perhaps when they are placed in your palm, they manage to soak up some of your “qi” from the pool of it that builds up there on two “chakra-like” points. I am often aware of the feel of this energy in my palms. It’s almost like having an extra eye, one in each palm, only the eyes look at energy, not light. And once this energy is soaked up by each aubergine and they become within a few inches of each other, then it is this energy that produces the pulling force that can clearly be felt (trust me; go try it yourself and you’ll see).

Yes, this does seem to me like a reasonable explanation. Which I find disappointing. I rather like the idea that aubergines possess some sort of gravity. Once the mystery is solved, the attracted of the phenomena is somehow lost.

So, someone out there, please prove me wrong. Do the experiment with the strings and show that the pull is due to some quality in the aubergine. Of course you will have to “discharge” the aubergines before the experiment beings. Because as you pick them up, they might soak up some of your qi from your palm. Though don’t ask me how you would discharge an aubergine.

Hmmm. I wonder. If they can act as a qi reservoir, I wonder if I might one day be able to utilise the power of aubergines in my healing practice…

I will let you know. We could perhaps call it “acupuncture with aubergines–the most gentlest form of acupuncture known to man”.


3 October 2008



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