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The story: Matrimonial Openings, by W.W.Jacobs

My comments on: Matrimonial Openings.

At the end, the only question in my mind way: did someone (perhaps Mr Foss) put the fortune teller up to the last reading? No, I don’t think they could have. No-one knew the husband was going to the fortune teller, unless his winnings were also ‘arranged’ so as to orchestrate his visit there. This is possible, but would have needed to have been hinted at in the prose, which it wasn’t.

No, I think it is to be assumed that there was no foul play in the second reading, and only in the first (by Mrs Dowson) and that tale is a moral on the dangers of meddling.
I find this believable. It would have been too contrived for Mr Foss to have set up the second reading, in order to counter Mrs Dowson’s meddling. So, Mrs Dowson, in her meddling, has sealed the fate of her daughter in the opposite direction to the one she was trying to achieve, which was Mrs owson’s lesson: Meddle in such things and you will shoot yourself in the foot.


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27 October 2008



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