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Women who drive like suicide bombers

Today I had another near miss, a very near miss. I’m beginning to suspect there is a conspiracy. One week ago a young woman driver was in the lane on my right, on the bridge that passes over the motorway at the Weston junction, and she suddenly decided that she was in the wrong lane, so she simply cut right in front of me. I only missed her because I broke hard.

And now today, in Hotwells in Bristol, another girl did the same thing, only she came even closer to causing an accident. Her mad change of direction was suicidal. I was on the inside lane and she was on my left immediately in front of me. Again, she must have suddenly realized that she was in the wrong lane and that she was about to miss her turning, so she suddenly turned right, across my lane, cutting right in front of me. I broke as hard as I could and only just about managed to pull up. I must have missed smashing into the side of her car by less than half a second. And the car behind me had to react just as quickly to avoid smashing into the back of me. I looked across at the woman as she turned into her turning, and she seemed to be totally oblivious of the fact that she had almost caused a pile up and had come to within half a second of causing my car to smash into her car’s driver’s door.

I was so shocked, I didn’t even have the time to sound my horn. I just sat there watching her escaping into the side street, oblivious. I just could not believe it. The previous incident, I had had the time to take my frustration out on my horn. But today’s incident was mind boggling. Do such women not have the normal awareness of the rules of the road. In the panic of the moment, ‘Oh, my God; I’m about to miss my turning!’ all rules of the road, and considerations for the safety of anyone else, are suspended.

For a while afterwards, I found it disturbing that women like this can act so dangerously and could cause so much damage, could ruin lives and even kill other people. I guess I take it for granted that other drivers, by and large are not going to act in a suicidal fashion. Sometimes drivers do daft things, but those are usually predictable. I guess that must be what I find disturbing about these incidents. I did not predict that anyone would drive like that, could drive like that. How can any driver protect themselves from people who do not appear to obey the basic instinct of survival. These women drive like suicide bombers. There is no way you can protect yourself from their apparent absence of a normal driver’s faculties.

Bad luck is supposed to come in threes. I think I’m going to be on my guard even more than usual over the next few weeks, waiting for the third suicide bomber driver to take a kamikaze swoop into my car’s path.

Please, if you’re listening, at least give me a fighting chance. Today was as close as it gets without a collision resulting.


28 March 2008



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