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Writing: Andrea Segovia loses control

The entire short story came to on the evening of 7 April 2008. I was feeling melancholy. I lay on my bed and started thinking about the Andrea Segovia short story. I had decided after writing the Samuel Pam story, that Andrea would be the next character from that first story to feature further in a story of her own. All I had at that point was that she came to this country as an internet bride. As I lay there, with the melancholy mist swirling inside me, this whole story started to appear. And in the space of about half an hour, the entire story was sketched out in my mind.

I always used to associate that melancholy feeling with creativity. I used to call it ‘creative flux’. It’s as though the melancholy swirls around inside you (as depressed Liver energy, in Chinese Medicine terms) and the creative activity is what you do to enable this feeling to be expelled from within you. It’s as though the creative flux channels out of you and the work (the piece of writing in this case) is what it transforms into. I sometimes do the same thing with playing music.

It occurs to me that the next story in the series might be from the boyfriend’s point of view, Craig Stemford. I thought this as I was sketching Andrea, but then I discovered that the boyfriend was a solicitor, and so he would not be a sympathetic character. I don’t find myself wanting to know more about him. Whereas with Andrea, when she appeared in the Samuel Pam story, I wanted to know more about her.


Read the story here.


8 April 2008



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