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Writing: My Constant Companion

With this story, I set out to express a particular idea. Initially I started to write it as a poem, but them, after a few lines, I felt that I needed to write it as a short story, or fragment of a story, so I abandoned the poem and began the story.

Once I’d completed the story, I looked back at the simple poem fragment that I had started with and it seemed that the poem was complete and that it did express the initial idea that I had had in mind. Or perhaps, I only felt that it expressed that because I had then written the story. So, it seemed to me that the two went together and that they should be published as two elements of the same piece. So this story begins with a short poem, which is expressing the same idea.

I’ve repeated the short poem at the end of the story because I’m interested in how the meanings in the poem change within the reader’s mind once he has read the story.

Read the full work here.


29 November 2008


Edited the work. I took out the poem; it seemed like a daft idea. In the editing, I removed two commas, and that was it. Two years after completing it, I had forgotten most of it. I liked the writing; it seemed much like a "spell" to me; it seemed that what I was doing with prose at that stage seems to conjure up the flesh and blood of the character, of his mind and soul, in the nature of the prose.


20 April 2011



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