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Acupuncture Today and in Ancient China

Acupuncture Today and in Ancient ChinaNonfiction. This book clearly explains Chinese acupuncture. It describes which parts of the Nei Jing are fact based, metaphorical, or untrue; identifies the conflicting Nei Jing theories on metabolism, and which are true or untrue; and key concepts such as the Chinese medicine organ functions are also clearly explained in relation to contemporary physiology. The book provides students or practitioners with an indispensible guide to properly understanding the Chinese medicine of the Nei Jing. And it also enables Chinese medicine to be explained to patients using terms they can understand. Free sample chapters are available.

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The Nigger of the Narcissus

Nigger of the NarcissusJames Wait is a dying West Indian black sailor on board the merchant ship Narcissus sailing from Bombay to London. Wait becomes seriously ill during the voyage, and his plight arouses the humanitarian sympathies of many of the crew. However, the ship’s captain and an old sailor named Singleton remain concerned primarily with their duties to the ship and appear indifferent to Wait’s condition.

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (illustrated)

Alice in WonderlandAlice enters Wonderland through a rabbit hole and encounters the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, the Mock Turtle, the Mad Hatter, among a multitude of other characters—extinct, fantastical, or commonplace—while trying to fathom the meaning of her strange experiences. But they only become “curiouser and curiouser,” and seemingly without moral or sense. This classic text is enjoyed by adults and children alike. Its narrative, characters and imagery have been enormously influential in both popular culture and literature. Considered to be one of the best examples of the literary nonsense genre, children revel in the delight of its imagination, while adults speculate on its possible metaphorical meanings or on Carroll’s alleged use of opium.

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Why Use Natural Healing?

Why Use Natural Healing?Nonfiction. This book compares the science and efficacy of natural healing with that of pharmaceuticals. Ironically, it demonstrates that a 2,000 year old medical system is far more scientific, effective, and genuinely evidence based than today's mainstream healthcare.

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Acupuncture Explained

Acupuncture ExplainedThe book provides a clear, easy-to-read account of what Chinese acupuncture is, how it works, and what it can treat – all expressed in terms that can be understood by Western readers. Hence, it can be fruitfully read by any patient or prospective patient who wishes to understand their treatment, how it works and the thinking behind it; or read by acupuncture students who wish to quickly obtain this same overview of the subject, to complement their more detailed studies.

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Visayan-English Dictionary

Visayan-English DicionaryPublished in 1934, this was the first Visayan-English dictionary. It contains more than 18,000 words of the Hiligáynon and Hiniráya dialects as spoken in and around Iloilo, besides many Spanish words, which, being frequently used by the Visayans, have become part of the Visayan language. Collated by the REV. J. KAUFMANN, M.H.M, parish priest of Igbarás, Iloilo, Philippines. Today, this dictionary remains one of the best Visayan-English Dictionaries; and is useful to both English students of Visayan, and also Visayan native speakers who require a dictionary of their own language with definitions in English.

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