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CuriousPages - fiction and nonfiction
At her desk, she whispered to Melancholy, “So, you see, I’ve got no idea what his intentions are and I don’t know if he’s even attracted to me.”
Melancholy whispered, “Yes, I do see the problem. And you know, if you were to simply ask him: ‘Felipe, are you attracted to me?’ he’d be likely to say something like, ‘Well, I slept with you, didn’t I?’ which would not answer your question at all. Because you already know that he slept with you—” and here, Melancholy looked at her in a doubtful, questioning way and whispered, “That is, unless it was so uneventful that it was difficult for you to notice him in bed with you—?”
Lorna whispered, “Oh, no, it was quite eventful!”
Melancholy whispered, “Good. So, his answer would not really be saying anything. So, whatever he’s likely to say, you will still be left to solve this riddle by yourself. This is the problem we face.”
Lorna started tapping on her keyboard and as she did so, she whispered, “Well, Melancholy, I’m glad I’ve got you here to help me.”
Two hours later, she had still not received any messages from Felipe. She whispered, “He knows I’m here; why doesn’t he message me?”
Agent Melancholy whispered, “There are endless possibilities.”
She whispered, “It’s always left to me to contact him. If I don’t message him, he doesn’t message me. So, how do I know that he wants me to message him?”
Melancholy explained that some men simply do not know what to say, even in the simplest of social situations, and that it was like a great riddle to them—what were they supposed to say?—so that silence did not necessarily mean he was not interested in her. And Melancholy helpfully added: “You see, if that metaphorical cat said something to you in Japanese, and you didn’t respond, the cat might think you weren’t interested. But you may have been extremely interested, only you didn’t understand Japanese. Do you see?”
Lorna’s head was starting to spin. She simply got on with her work.
One hour later, she noticed Felipe getting up from his desk and leaving the office. She whispered, in a told-you-so tone, “Well, there you are. He’s not interested!”
Melancholy whispered, “But perhaps he thinks you’re not interested in him, so he’s given up and is looking elsewhere.”
Lorna whispered, “You mean, he’s got a date with someone else?”
“He might have. Because your silence might have told him you’re not interested, so he might have given up on you. The riddle works both ways.”
“But I still want him.”
“But how does he know that? He might think you’re not interested. So, he might be interested in you and he might not. The fact that he’s going home without having sent you a message, doesn’t prove anything.”
Lorna shouted, “But how do I know!”
Her manager looked at her with concern.
She left the office with Melancholy.
Peter glared at him and said, “Scum!”
The man said, “There’s no need to be like that. Just answer the questions.” He looked at his form and said, “Are you bossy?”
Peter’s face trembled again.
The man saw this and said, “Don’t think you can get out of this by insulting me again—‘scum’, indeed!” He looked at his form, nodded, said, “Attitude problem!” and ticked a box.
Peter wrestled with his desire to cleanse the man’s face with spit.
The man said, “You’re just the sort of person who causes all the problems. You never think of anyone but yourself. Look at you, standing there, looking at me like that. You could at least be polite. Now, are you judgemental?” and he looked at Peter while nodding his head suggestively.
Peter pushed passed him and walked on.
The man shouted after him, “Ignorant git!”
While Peter sat in his driveway, reliving this encounter, his grip tightened on the steering wheel and his left eyelid twitched like the leg of a restless grasshopper.
He recalled the look on the man’s face as he said, “You’re just the sort of person who causes all the problems.” Peter saw this sort of person as being possessed by invisible monsters. He could clearly imagine the two. There was this normal person (the face of the man), but along with this he could sense the presence of the invisible monster that possessed the man and made him behave in this inhuman way. And Peter encountered so many of these possessed people that it seemed the planet had been invaded by these invisible monsters who somehow got inside people’s heads and transformed them.
As he sat there, he felt the monsters swarming around him, concealed in their hosts. And they were trying to attack him by possessing more and more people who would then converge on him and swamp him.
He recalled the man saying, “I’ve got to put something on my form.” And it seemed the man was saying that because he felt he wanted to put something on his form, then this somehow meant that everybody else in the world was obliged to jump to his tune and answer his questions. Peter shouted at the windscreen, “What does your form have to do with me?—git!”
He recalled him saying, “Answer the question; you’re bossy; you’ve got an attitude problem.” Peter shouted, “It’s you who’s got the problem.”
He recalled him saying, “You could at least be polite,” and Peter prodded the windscreen and told it where to get off.


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