Brief biography of the author

by Fletcher Kovich



FletcherFletcher Kovich was born in the UK. After a difficult childhood, he left school at 16, barely literate but having excelled in the sciences. He served a craft apprenticeship with an aircraft firm, then escaped to university, studying electronics. With this new-found freedom, he was able to begin exploring the arts, teaching himself to play several musical instruments, studying literature, computer programming, and also embarking on a lifelong quest to explore the unusual and unfathomable elements of everyday life, such as the nuances of social interaction. Around this time, he set up his own software house, marketing a graphics animation package he’d written.

In 1986, he began writing fiction seriously, completing, amongst other projects, four novels.

In 1992, he underwent Chinese acupuncture treatment for the first time, which transformed his health and life. He moved to Bristol, wrote a textbook on how our mind constructs and understands language in everyday conversation, worked for a while as a technical author for a software company, then put himself through a three year training course in Chinese medicine acupuncture while working as a piano teacher.

FletcherIn 2008, he began writing short stories and found an immediate affinity with the form.

In 2016, he published a groundbreaking book on Chinese acupuncture, which provided a new explanation of how acupuncture works and also clearly described every aspect of Chinese medicine in terms that today’s readers can understand.

Since 2017, he has been conducting a research project to obtain objective scientific data to validate his “intelligent tissue” hypothesis on what acupuncture is and how it works. He has already published several scientific papers describing the results.

Throughout, he has worked as a craft apprentice and then an undergraduate engineer in the aircraft industry; a washer up in a French restaurant; a piano teacher; a technical author in the software industry; and now runs his own Chinese acupuncture practice in Bristol, UK.

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