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Chinese Medicine

Articles about aspects of Chinese Medicine and other forms of holistic healing.

How Our Body’s Evolution was guided by Our Abdominal Organs (The Intelligence behind Evolution)

What is the intelligent tissue theory, and how does it relate to acupuncture?

The lungs’ real-time states are reflected in the tissue at its related acupuncture points

The stomach's communication with its related acupoints, and the "intelligent tissue" hypothesis

The Daily Variance in Impedance at Acupuncture Points

The impedance profile of acupuncture points

A new definition of an acupuncture meridian

A curious oversight in acupuncture research

The misattribution of Chinese Medicine organs

An unusual tongue anomaly

Hernia treated with acupuncture (case history)

The heat generated by our liver when we are angry

Practice insight into the issue of whether to needle on both sides

Can acupuncture treat inherited conditions? (or: The myth of genetics)

Why does our body adjust to the seasons?

Which organ produces the symptoms of autism?

The Mental functions of our immune system

Treating headache and migraine

Symptoms left behind like confetti

Eye pain communicated by phone

The seasonal body clock

Why does reading pulses make me belch?

Money with my name on

My first Reiki treatments

Learning Reiki

In Chinese Medicine, is ‘energy’ the pathogen?

Notes on writing fiction

My analysis of the characters or themes, the inspiration behind the stories, the changes made to each draft, and so on.

Writing: Trout with Celery Stuffing

Editing: The Gallery

Writing: A Martial Artist Meets his Match

Writing: A Substitute Passion

Is it useful for the writer to give his own full analysis of his work?

My analysis of: Irresistible Temptation

Writing: Irresistible Temptation

Writing: Daniel and the Wine Stain

Writing: Choosing the Right Drinks

The Beckoning Precipice

Writing: The Price to Pay

Writing: The Gallery

Writing: My Constant Companion

The fiction of dreams

Writing: Andrea Segovia loses control

Writing: Craig Stemford’s Imprisonment

Writing: If only Cats could Speak Japanese

The Betrayal of Jack Baynes

Samuel Pam’s Salvation

Samuel Pam’s Salvation–further episodes?

The story: Prize Money, by WW Jacobs

The story: Matrimonial Openings, by W.W.Jacobs

The story: Homeward Bound by WW Jacobs

The story: Good Intentions, by W. W. Jacobs

The story: Odd Charges, by WW Jacobs

The story: The Ambitious Guest

The story: The Minister’s Black Veil

Travel writing

My observations while travelling in the Philippines.

Welcome to Manila

Mount Talipuso

Stepping back in time

A jar of pasta sauce costs a whole day's wages

Jeepneys, the backbone of public transport in the Philippines

Typical Tagaytay street scenes

24 Hours in Beijing

14 Hours in Amsterdam

Cloud formations, crop circles and bird drawings

Review of MC Mountain, Tagaytay, Philippines

The policemen must be fed

A tragic jeepney ride in Cebu

People: fact is stranger than fiction

Observations on the behaviour and nature of people, often humorous or bizarre.

A Selfish Heart Attack

The throwing of rice

A use for frogs

Nothing is wasted in the Philippines

Thick black lips and vampires

An unexpected twinkle

How do we measure life? Or: the functioning of a dysfunctional family

The innate skill of inadvertently insulting people

A burgeoning industry in the Philippines

A phone call from a ghost?

A new meaning to the term: ‘The price to pay’

Is my mother insane?

A nightshift at a Welsh hospital is a holiday

All Filipinos are thieves–apparently

Women who drive like suicide bombers


Which don't seem to belong under any other category.

Farewell letter to mum

My “psychic” umbilical chord has been cut

Farewell to mother

Is this telepathy again?

A tragic jeepney ride in Cebu

Brief biography of Fletcher Kovich

A walk in the park, Spring 2010

A “wobble” in my day, perhaps reflecting an earthquake in the Philippines

A chilly wind doth blow

A walk in the park

The gravity of aubergines

Ode on not having a TV

CuriousPages is born

Seeing without glasses

Sawing up my sofa