Acupuncture research project

by Fletcher Kovich

Orcid ID: 0000-0002-9098-8520


The purpose of this research project is to obtain objective experimental data to validate the author’s intelligent tissue theory on what acupuncture is and how it works.

This page lists the methods and equipment used in the experiments; and also provides links to datasets from selected experiments. The research is ongoing. Analysis of some of the data has already been published, and other papers are still in preparation.

Papers already published

How Our Body’s Evolution was guided by Our Abdominal Organs (The Intelligence behind Evolution)

What is the intelligent tissue theory, and how does it relate to acupuncture?

The lungs’ real-time states are reflected in the tissue at its related acupuncture points

The stomach's communication with its related acupoints, and the "intelligent tissue" hypothesis

The Daily Variance in Impedance at Acupuncture Points

The Impedance Profile of Acupuncture Points

A new definition of an acupuncture meridian

A curious oversight in acupuncture research

The misattribution of Chinese Medicine organs

Papers published here

Possible insights into the respiration pacesetter mechanism derived from observations at acupuncture points