Secrets of the Hidden Vessels
Chinese Acupuncture for Today

Secrets of the Hidden Vessels

Explains how Chinese acupuncture works in terms Western readers can understand

by Fletcher Kovich



Chinese acupuncture is usually described using ancient poetic concepts that cannot be directly translated into today’s medical terms, which poses a considerable problem for anyone trying to understand how acupuncture works and what it’s capable of.

To overcome this, the author spent ten years developing a new approach to explaining Chinese medicine, and also a groundbreaking explanation of how acupuncture works—all using terms and concepts familiar to today’s readers.

The book describes the Chinese medicine organ functions in contemporary terms, demonstrating the parallels with the organs known today. And other key elements of Chinese medicine knowledge are similarly explained, such as how our thought patterns can interfere with our organ functions to produce ill health. For example, the book describes how our thoughts interact with our pancreas to produce IBS, and interact with our liver to produce the many physical conditions related to stress. And the conditions produced by our other organs are also clearly explained, together with their causes—whether physical, mental or emotional. And with all conditions, a straightforward description is provided of how Chinese acupuncture works to successfully treat them.

Fletcher Kovich runs his own Chinese acupuncture practice in the UK.


The book

  • enables acupuncture students to learn the Chinese organ functions and disease mechanisms much more easily;

  • enables acupuncture practitioners to clearly and concisely explain the key aspects of Chinese acupuncture to patients, using terms and concepts the patient can understand;

  • provides general readers with great insights into their own health conditions; and

  • enables medics, and anyone whose knowledge is confined to contemporary medical concepts, to understand the key aspect of Chinese acupuncture.



"The book is fascinating. And from the teaching perspective, it is a great tool to help students understand the organ functions. The book also uses an interesting approach to explain the mental and emotional factors in causing disease, which again will greatly assist in the teaching of this aspect of Chinese medicine."

- Brandon Fuller, Program Chair, East West College of Natural Medicine, Sarasota, Florida.


 “We have come across many books on Chinese Medicine and particularly like this book’s approach of blending the Western and Chinese understanding of the organs, to make it clear that both systems describe the same organs. There is a global paradigm shift in medicine, and the importance of Chinese Medicine in understanding the body and health plays a key role in the West’s acceptance of alternative approaches to healthcare.”

- Sam Patel, Joint Principal, The International College of Oriental Medicine (UK)


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Secrets of the Hidden Vessels is an updated and extended version of Fletcher’s previous book, Chinese Acupuncture for Today. Details of the improvements.


Details of further updates included in the April 2017 Edition.


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