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A phone call from a ghost?

A few days ago, I received a call from a new patient. He had the same first name and his voice sounded very similar to a past patient who had dramatically died some six months previously (I shall call him “John”). Also, his symptoms were similar. When speaking to this new John on the phone, I was aware of this similarity. And after the call had ended, as bizarre as this might seem, I wondered whether the call had been from the first John, from beyond the grave. At the time he died, his death had been traumatic, and I had felt that he was calling out to me, so it seemed reasonable to me that this new phone call might have been from John.

I sent out my standard welcome letter, telling him the time of his first appointment. And then, yesterday, I received a phone call from a woman who said that she had received my letter. The address was hers, but that no-one of John’s name lived there. This made me suspect even more that the first phone call had indeed been from John, from beyond the grave. The other uncanny similarity was that it was John’s wife who had told me he had died, when I phoned up to find out why he had missed his appointment. Here was another woman speaking to me in relation to John, whose voice sounded similar to John’s wife’s voice.

This morning, I was considering all this and I was wondering if this woman’s phone number was the same as the new John’s. I had to know this. So I looked in my records and found that the numbers were different. If they’d been the same, I would have accepted that the original phone call had been from the dead John. Though that would have left me with some other questions to answer.

So, now I have no idea whether this new John will turn up for his appointment. I can’t really phone him and say, “Are you real, or a ghost?” I will just have to wait until next Tuesday to find out.

The other point of interest was that the day before I received the call from the woman, I had sent a text message to John asking him if he’d like to change the time of his appointment, since I had had a cancellation whose time might suit him better. He sent a reply to that. But in accordance with my above suspicions, this message also, may well have been from the dead John.

And Halloween is only two weeks away.

All very spooky.

To top it all, on the evening of the phone call from the woman, I then treated a patient who told me, in all seriousness, that she thought a ghost had been following her round for the past two weeks. And there is a very close “energetic bond” between me and this patient. And the patient is perhaps more open to communicated with the “spirit world” than I am, so perhaps John had been trying to contact me through her.

This might all make me sound a bit potty, but I think a willingness to accept such things is all part of my knowledge of how the “energetic channels” between people work. There is much I take for granted that many people would consider supernatural.


17 October 2008



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