The CuriousPages Sketchbook

Let circling dogs, circle

In a dream last night, I was walking in the park and, in the distance, a big, black dog with long flowing hair was running circles around me. He was about 100 yards away from me, so the circle was quite large, as though he were interested in me but was extremely shy. When walking in the park, I have an aversion to dogs approaching me, lest (as happens with dogs who belong to complete idiots) the dog jumps up at me (as the complete idiot, due to their negligence in declining to train—or control—their dog, has trained their dog to do). Despite my aversion, in this dream, I decided to see if I could “connect with” the dog, to influence its behaviour. I stood on the spot and began slowly rotating, with my hand held out, tracing the dog’s progress as it circled me at a distance. To increase my influence over the dog, I then reversed the direction that I was rotating in, and shortly after this, the dog changed the direction that it was circling me in, so that now the dog was following my hand as I rotated. The dog moved in closer, though still seeming a little shy. And then it shed its shyness and it was jumping around me, licking me amid a swirling sea of black hair.

I resumed my walk and the dog followed, and then a child, aged about ten, was also walking along with us, and then a woman, the dog’s owner was also walking with us. After a few exploits, we soon found ourselves at a family meal (I think at my mother’s house), and the woman said that she was in love with me and wanted to marry me, which simply put me in a difficult situation, because nothing could have been further from my mind; I would have found it just as unexpected if my postman had knocked on my door one day, handed me some mail and said, “Oh, by the way, I’m in love with you; when can we get married?”

For some reason, I did not see it coming.

This morning, after waking, I was thinking about the dream, and I decided that it seemed to be giving me a message about something that I do wrong in the way I behave towards other people, which, I think, gets me into most trouble in romantic situations, or would-be romantic situations. I have always been far too tolerant of bad behaviour towards me by other people, I don’t know why. I let things pass which I should not let pass. I should be more controlling of other people and should immediately complain to them when they behave badly towards me. To not do this, encourages them to continue abusing me, and also fosters in them the illusion that our relationship is sound when, in fact, it is far from sound.

This type of situation came up yesterday morning between myself and Rhyan, and when I was walking in the park afterwards, I felt angry about it. And that night (last night) my mind seemed to construct this dog-dream out of the situation. It was telling me that I bring such difficulties about myself, due to a flaw in my own behaviour. If I don’t want the dog to be licking me amid its sea of black fur and then for its owner, whom I could not have less romantic inclination towards, to be proposing to me, I should turn the other way and ignore the dog, not start playing with it and then allow it to decorate me with its delinquent saliva.


26 February 2010



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