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Samuel Pam’s Salvation

A short story. This was inspired by a spam email that I received. For months, like most people, I had been receiving numerous daily spam emails concerning penis enlargement, sources for Viagra pills, and other sex related spams. Nothing unusual there. But then I started to received an entertaining variation on the usual email. First, these emails are usually composed by people whose native language is not English, and the mistakes they make are entertaining. But this new variation included a paragraph of text that seemed to be made up of random samples from various English literature. And it was the randomness of this that I found inspiring. Here’s the text of the email that first interested me:

FROM:Grippi Janik

God dag,
Real men!
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Initially, I’d thought I might use parts of this final paragraph to begin a poem. But then the idea came to me to create a short story using this whole activity of spam emails concerning penis enlargement and sexual performance, since this idea seemed amusing.

I think the starting point was the notion that the spam messages would come from people that the protagonist met in public. People would get close to him, when standing in queues and in other such situations, and would whisper in his ear a spam message, such as ‘Don’t put up with a tiny pecker’. And the protagonist’s days would be plagued by people coming up to him and giving him such spam messages. The plot, characters, and situations developed from there.


Read the full story: Samuel Pam’s Salvation.


15 March 2008



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