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Sawing up my sofa

In the morning, I plan to saw up my sofa. I’m not planning to improve it, nor to make it worse. I’m just feeling that I haven’t used my saw for a long time, so, I thought, what better thing to practise on than my sofa.

Haven’t you always wanted to saw up your sofa? No? Well, I bet now that I’ve mentioned it, you’re feeling tempted. No? We shall see.

I’m not making this up, by the way. I’m going to start by using a Stanley knife to cut away the cushions from the back; I’ve already checked; this can be done quite easily. All the foam-items will then have been removed. Then, I’ll probably use the Stanley knife to cut away the fabric from the back and sides. This should leave the wooden frame with the metal spring assembly on the base and nothing else. It’s at this point, that I think I will need my saw. And probably some wire cutters as well, to cut away the spring mechanism. I have thought about this part. What if the wires are too thick for me to cut through with wire cutters? Don’t think I haven’t thought about this; I can see you there thinking:

‘Ah ha; he hasn’t thought about that.’

But I have. If the wires are too thick, I will use a junior hacksaw that I have. I don’t have a full-size hacksaw, I don’t think. The only problem that occurs to me is that I seem to recall that the blade on my junior hacksaw is blunt. But I think that perhaps I do have some spares, though last time I tried to change the blade, I couldn’t get the thing to spring apart. Let’s face it; I’m just not strong enough. Macho, is not me.

So, there you have it. My plan is in place. That should enable me to disassemble my sofa completely. I’m imagining it in parts, lying on the living room floor.

As an interesting project, I’ve just decided to take photos of every stage, and perhaps publish them on this site, together with detailed instructions, rather like a car maintenance manual. Yes, I could call it: How to disassemble your sofa.

Just so that if anyone else wanted to (go on, you know you want to), they would have some step by step instructions.

(I am not drunk, nor on drugs—of any description)


5 April 2008

This morning, I have disassembled my sofa. I was imagining that it would be difficult to get rid of my sofa. But if you take it apart and dispose of it bit by bit, it’s really quite straightforward. You can follow the whole process here: Sawing up my sofa. I feel it necessary to repeat that I’m not drunk, nor on drugs.


6 April 2008



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