The CuriousPages Sketchbook

The Betrayal of Jack Baynes

The narrator in this short story, Ray Herring, is a character who appears in my novel: The Tragedy of a Town called Nowhere. In that novel, he appears in the second half. He’s about 26 at that point. This short story is his account of his school days up until the age of sixteen.

I intend to write a series of short stories telling his story up until the point when he appears in the novel.

I had worked out this plot in detail but I’ve realized that I need to change some significant details, and also the ending was not right; it was not a suitable climax in its own right. It needs to lead him into his place in The Tragedy of a Town called Nowhere, and it also needs to make the Herring stories complete in their own right. The Herring short stories are intended to be a complete novel in their own right, once they are finished.

So, this project is a work in progress. I’ve yet to come up with the changed details of the remainder of the plot, and until I do, I can’t write any further episodes.


16 April 2008



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