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The mating of slugs

I had a range of weird dreams last night. But the one that stuck in my mind when I woke, was this one:

I have a new car, which is only a few months old. In my dream, I opened the door and noticed some strange marks all over the seats. It was like a liquid stain, as though someone had taken a large squeezy bottle and “written” these lines all other the fabric. I looked to the inside of the door and noticed that these same markings had been made all along the side of the car, in curly, zigzig patterns that ran along the length of the car. I looked to the passenger’s seat and noticed these same markings. My first thought was that someone had maliciously soiled the car (about a week ago, a new neighbour had allowed their dog to make a deposit right outside my front door, which I discovered when first opening my door on that day). Then, in the dream, I looked down to the gear stick and noticed two large slugs, one of them somewhere between the size of a finger and a banana. They were entwined, and I realized that the marks all around the car had been made by them. I pictured them making love, performing some bizarre mating ritual, which happened to coat the entire fabric of the inside of my car, sides included.

Last night, I had watched part of a Daivd Attenborough programme. Perhaps my dream had been inspired by the sight of a swarm of humpback whales fighting over the right to impregnate a female. Of course, a humpback whale would not fit inside my car, let along a swarm of them, so my imagination had perhaps translated them to slugs?


27 October 2009



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